Welcome to Willow Creek Farm
Phone: 507-831-5438
Email:  willowcreekfarm@mac.com
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Herd Jacks & Mules
About our Mules

• Trained Mules available
• Mules of all ages and sizes
• All mules out of Mammoth Jack Stock
• We have a variety of mares including Tennessee Walkers, Appaloosa, Quarter Horses and Percheron.
Our Herd Jacks - Standing at Stud
Rainbow - 59" Grey (Changes colors to black  and red) Jack - Breeds Mares
Fee: $250 + mare care
Spock - 58" Black Jack - Breeds Mares
Fee: $250 + mare care
We raise mules out of our Tennessee Walking mares, Percheron mares, Appaloosa mares and Quarter Horse mares.
Rip59" Roan Jack - Breeds Mares
Fee: $250 + mare care
Cadillac - Born June 2017 is one of our mules born out of a Tennessee Walker mare and Spock.

  We have a variety of mules of all ages.  
  If interested in more information, please  
  call us at 507-831-5438!